All pupils can learn together with the use of particular strategies that match each pupil’s exceptional learning needs. Teaching strategies could be executed for just about any pupil who wants them, regardless of proper identification. Execute, and this website functions as an accumulation of resources for teachers to readily reach using their pupils.

Resources and the strategies summarized here are ideas only. Every student is exceptional. School and teachers teams use professional judgment to decide on the strategies most suitable to satisfy with pupils’ educational needs.

Because the net is overflowing with tips for teachers, we’ve undertaken some the basis by supplying net-based resources in each area. OTF cannot take responsibility for omissions or errors in the advice supplied, nor any developments to the web site addresses.

Please make use of the Share a Strategy link to submit resources and your favorite strategies for teaching pupils with special needs. We welcome your opinions to create this usable and a useful resource for all teachers. By contacting OTF, you may also submit your general opinions in regards to the website. Collectively we can change lives.